Hi, I’m Benjamin

My name is Benjamin Ogden – its nice to meet you virtually.

A bit about me: I’ve been working as an online casino affiliate and search engine optimization specialist since 2001. I write reviews of internet casinos for a living. That has been my job for more than 22 years now. It’s hard to imagine when I actually think about that. That’s a long time!

I am an affiliate of Red Dog Casino and can get paid for sending traffic to their site from RedDogs.casino. Red Dog first showed up on my radar in 2020, about one year after they stated offering real money casino games in 2019.

I noticed many of my competitors rankings Red Dog Casino in the #1 online casino position so I decided to sign up to the affiliate program and begin reviewing them. I do my best to explain everything you need to know about gambling on the Red Dog website for you here.

In my two and a half years of working with RedDogCasino.com my experience with them has been very positive. They have always provided me with fair results and paid me on time each month – like clockwork. It is for these reasons that I built this website to properly review them and recommend them to players looking for a solid mobile casino site to gamble on.

My Early Years

I started reviewing online casinos over two decades ago in the year 2001. I had a knack for ranking website’s in the search engines so I stuck with the casino affiliate marketing gig and have never looked back. I feel confident recommending Red Dog because they’ve always been good to me and to the players I’ve recommended over the last 2.5 years.

My Current Work

I have recently started offering SEO services to other digital marketers, webmasters, eCommerce stores and the like. I do this on my digital marketing and SEO agency website BenjaminOgden.com if that’s of interest to you.